Envelop is a non-profit organization with a mission to share and encourage the creative and social benefits of spatial audio, the next generation of surround sound. Envelop's listening spaces and open source software tools allow us to listen to music, and produce music, in the same way that we naturally experience sound in the world, in three dimensions. Envelop is providing access to intentional immersive listening, and with that experience comes greater shared moments of intentional listening, connection, and inspiration. Envelop was founded by Christopher Willits, Roddy Lindsay, Elan Rosenman, Alingo Loh and Andrew Kimpel, and has a permanent 32 speaker listening space in San Francisco.








An artist and Grammy nominated guitarist and producer based in San Francisco, Christopher Willits believes that music and art can catalyze inner change. Willits creates meditative ambient music created with guitar, voice, that is designed to overlap with his own cinematic film and video work. These immersive audiovisual experiences speak to a global audience on a universal level. His music on labels such as Ghostly International has garnered critical acclaim, sending him on continuous tours around the world. Multiple solo albums and collaborations with the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tycho, and Taylor Deupree have accounted for a diverse catalog with over 25 releases over the last 15 years. Christopher is the founder of the creative collective Overlap, and also Envelop, a spatial audio platform that creates immersive listening spaces and accessible open source software tools. As a devoted teacher, Christopher strives to illuminate people’s creativity in music and art, and has lectured at many leading institutions in the world.








Alingo Loh is a visual artist and designer based in the Bay Area, CA. Her focus varied from graphic, photo/video, and spatial work that expresses in simple and minimal forms. The intention of her work is to create a serene and immersive space of connections and openness.








Snuise (pronounced Snooze) is the alias of Clifford Hudson a 26 year old producer from San Francisco. Hudson experiments with elements of many genres, with a heavy nod to hip-hop and ambient music. A wide range of sound sources and samples weave through the music, from recordings of the natural world to dusty vinyl records. There is a casual immediacy imbedded in his sound, relaxation coupled with a sense of urgency.









Hailing from San Francisco, Mark Slee co-founded House-Heads in 2008, a collective combining forward-thinking music with a quirky underground vibe, he has gone on to join the Listed Bookings roster and host the monthly mix show Heron Sound on Proton Radio. Most recently he has formed Manjumasi Music, a label collaboration with long-time partner in crime Atish. Slee's sets have taken him far and wide, playing for audiences from Cape Town to Playa del Carmen, from Robot Heart to the Cityfox series in NYC. Slee has evolved a style of deep house that reflects a unique personality, balancing intricate grooves, dreamy textures, and playful whimsical bounce.









Indy Nyles is a live techno musician and producer from Oakland. Over the last two decades, he has studied the intricacies of analog synthesis and hardware construction. Indy has built his own multi-faceted instrument rig, creating his vision of rich, warm west coast techno. A versatile DJ and lifelong vinyl collector, Indy is always pushing a heavy groove of pulsing techno, unapologetic acid and ambient house jams.









Proud papa, instigator, maker, things in your ear putter.









Ryan Kleeman is a Grammy nominated Audio Engineer, as well as a Sound Designer, and Instructor. As co-founder of Overlap Studio, Ryan has been working creatively in the Bay area sound community for 10 years. Ryan’s work has spanned across many mediums of sound production, including theatre sound design, film and commercial productions, audio system integration, and music production. Ryan has engineered and co-produced with Bay area Artist’s Christopher Willits, Tycho, The Living Earth Show, Silvia Nakkach, and Afrolicious, Kleeman honed his craft working as a recording engineer for the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he received his MFA in Sound Design and Audio Engineering.









The Ride (Roddy Lindsay) is a producer, technologist, and software engineer. He is a co-founder of Envelop and core contributor to its spatial audio platform, Envelop for Live. His live spatial electronic music performances involve a heavy use of filtered disco, drone, and slow-burning electronica.









Elan Rosenman is an experiential sound artist passionate about cross-pollinating ambisonic audio technology with ancient sound healing modalities, biofeedback and the neuroscience of meditation. His sound programs for stress management and peak performance can be found used by Fortune 500 companies and institutions in the SF Bay Area and abroad. Elan performs live ambisonic sound meditations intended to guide an audience through journeys of deepened states of mind, body, and consciousness.